How would you like to buy new gear and pay what the dealer pays ?

Well let's face it, that's not going to happen unless you become a dealer. But Musician's Depot believes it has found a way to get you that gear as close to wholesale as possible without actually becoming a dealer!

The concept is simple. A buying group can purchase in larger volume. Larger volume purchases generally dictate a lower than normal "wholesale" purchase price. This type of purchasing has been going on for years by the "Big Boy" music stores, but the savings generally don't get passed on to you the consumer. It's just extra profit for the "Big Boys."

Musician's Depot has a better idea. We believe that these additional savings should be passed on to you. Unfortunately, due to MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) restrictions now being imposed by many manufacturers, we are limited as to the lowest price we can normally advertise.

Our solution, The Buyer's Club! The Club will allow us to purchase in larger quantities and, in doing so, will allow us to pass those savings on to our members.

As a member you will receive special 'coding' that will give you access to the Member's section. This section will have an additional Member's column that will show you your additional savings per item.

Cost of Membership -- Only $39.95!

Membership is good for one year.

Now, for those customers who are only buying an occasional cable or set of strings, our regular ONLINE price will still remain a great deal for you. However, if you are considering any purchase in the $500 (retail) range, you can almost be assured to save at least your membership fee on your first purchase. From then on you will continue to receive the additional benefits for the rest of the year!

We appreciate you interest in our Buyer's Club and thank you for your inquiry. We hope to have you as a member soon!